Most of the mails that I receive are newsletters. There are so many and most of the time I don’t even take the time to open them.
ut today was a special newsletter-mail-day. I got the same one several times, forwarded from family and friends…
And I opened each one of them with the same great pleasure! Why? This is why:—coco-form-studio


Monika och Theresia from Coco Form Studios have chosen Liten Jizô
as one of their favorits of Formex January 2017!


Thank you so much Monika och Theresia!
Thank you for making us be a part of your Trendrestaurang Cocofunivers!
And thank you Formex! 


The following pictures are from Cocofuniverse, the Formex Trendrestaurang by Coco Form. Enjoy!

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